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Re: unable to install multiple packages from the command line

On Fri 2010-02-05 09:46, Dave Korn wrote:
> On 03/02/2010 18:12, Tom Schutter wrote:
> > Installing multiple packages from the the command line used to work, but no
> > longer does for me.  It installs the first requested package, but none of
> > the rest.
> > Note that --help doesn't say exactly how to specify multiple packages.  A
> > comma separated list used to work.  Specifying multiple --packages options
> > gives no warning or error, but only installs the last requested package. 
>   After investigating, I can't reproduce any problem.  The glitch I mentioned
> yesterday was just a pilot error owing to me using an old script from before
> -C and -P became separate options.
> > PS C:\cygwin> C:\cygwin\setup.exe --quiet-mode --no-shortcuts --root C:\cygwin --local-package-dir C:\cygwin\LocalPackageDir --packages netcat,procps
> > Starting cygwin install, version 2.680
> > getUrlToStream
> > Added manual package netcat
> > Changing gid back to original
> > Visited: 63 nodes out of 1678 while creating dependency order.
>   So that's very odd.  Can you check the cached setup.ini in your local
> package dir and see if it's damaged or for some other reason doesn't mention
> procps?  And try adding "-D -L" to your command-line and see if that makes any
> difference?

I checked the setup.ini, and AFAICT it is not damaged.  It does mention procps.  I can pick *any* pair (or list) of packages and only the first will be installed.  If I then try to install the second package, it installs OK.  I have also reproduced this on another machine.

When I ran the "-D -L" test, I got a "current ini file is from a newer version of setup.exe" message.  My setup was version 2.680.  I went ahead with the test using the older setup.exe.  The outcome did not change.

I then retried the test with setup.exe version 2.682.  No change, only the first package installs.

Tom Schutter
First American Spatial Solutions
303-440-7272 x6822

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