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ActiveState Perl and Cygwin How To


I have been using Cygwin for quite some time now on Windows XP. I use
Perl extensively and the scripts I use/create are fairly portable.
I want to use ActiveState Perl as I can install many modules from CPAN
that give me trouble in Cygwin using cpan install ...

The problem is that AS Perl cannot find the Perl script I invoke on
the command line as the script's PATH that Cygwin reports to AS Perl
is a unix one i.e. /cygdrive/c/cygwin/home/.../bin whereas AS Perl
requires it in C:\cygwin\home\...\bin\. The Perl script is in PATH.

This happens only with AS Perl (duh) as it requires backslash
delimited path. I have searched somewhat on the web regarding this but
haven't found anything.
There are bash scripts that act in between and convert unix path to
windows before invoking AS Perl but you still have to give it complete
script path like

$ /home/.../bin/ -h

this will give C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe C:\cygwin\home\...\bin\ -h

But what I want is that it should work directly like perlscr{TAB}
{ENTER} and voilà working :)

Any Ideas?

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