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RE: Changing .ini file searched for by setup-legacy.exe

Hussein Patwa:
> I realise the older version of Cygwin is no longer supported, but would
> anyone know if there is a way to change the setup.ini that the legacy
> setup looks for on the mirror?

I don't know of a way short of hacking the source.

What's the mirror you're trying to use? Won't Rockbox work on the
latest Cygwin 1.5 from one of the official mirrors (which should all
have setup-legacy.ini)?


I'm trying to use  As for the latest 1.5, I thought based on what Greg said earlier that the latest 1.5 was the setup-legacy he linked to?  I'm now trying to get around this by manually extracting the packages from the mirror.  Call it a patchwork quilt approach but if it works I won't complain as I don't know any other way to do it.


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