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RE: Changing .ini file searched for by setup-legacy.exe

>I'm trying to use  As for the
>latest 1.5, I thought based on what Greg said earlier that the latest
>1.5 was the setup-legacy he linked to?  I'm now trying to get around
>this by manually extracting the packages from the mirror.  Call it a
>patchwork quilt approach but if it works I won't complain as I don't
>know any other way to do it. is providing a version of setup.ini but this file
has nothing to do with the Cygwin project.  I don't know how they are
instructing you to do things but installing a base 1.5 installation via
setup-legacy.exe and then using the regular setup.exe to install their
stuff would probably work.

If it doesn't work then *ask them* what to do.  This is


Hi.  I appreciate your time responding to my query.  Although I didn't get
to your message beforehand, I did actually try your suggestion as a last
resort and it worked fine.  Also, I think deleting all the setup files and
logs may also have had something to do with it.  So all's well.

Apologies for any offence caused.  I thought the setup.ini was a cygwin
issue, I stand corrected.  Thanks as always for your time and support.  At
least I learnt something, which for me is the main thing.


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