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Re: telnet connected but without response

Tomasz Pona wrote:
> to Philipp:
> this subject was once discussed yet on 8-9 Jan ("Vista and CYGWIN telnet")
> where in conclusion Charles Wilson admitted it's a problem in inetutils.

I'm currently working on an updated inetutils release based on upstream
inetutils-1.7 (cygwin's current release is based on inetutils 1.5).
However, I just got it to successfully compile; I haven't yet tested
whether it even works as well as the current release, much less begun to
evaluate whether it exhibits the same problems we see with current
inetutils, nor begun to track down and fix those problems.

It'll be a while, as free time is (as always) scarce.

> Anyway seems like most members are just silently ignoring this issue...

They are probably leaving it to the inetutils maintainer (that is, me).

> Why? Is there some obvious solution/workaround? 

Not that I can see. It is a problem.

> ...nobody using telnet?

Bingo! telnet is an inherently unsafe technology which exchanges
passwords in plaintext, where any schmuck with a packet sniffer can see
your password. Combined that with wireless ethernet, and you're just
screaming "HACK ME!".

If you have ANY choice in the matter, use ssh instead.


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