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Re: Wrong setup.exe on

On 2/9/2010 11:05 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
That should reduce cygwin mailing
list traffic at the expense of network traffic on

I doubt it'll make a significant difference. Browser caches turn over pretty regularly, so between any two visits, the chance that there is still a copy of setup.exe and it's still current is pretty low.

Browser caches matter more for resources needed on every visit, especially those shared between multiple pages on that site. (cygwin.jpg, for instance.)

I'd bet the ratio of setup.exe downloads to site hits is below 0.5. Maybe even below 0.1.

You might check that web spiders don't download setup.exe. If they do, I'd block them from it with robots.txt.

Btw, I did check the difference in http headers in the before/after
scenario and now see a new "Expires" field but I have no way of actually
checking this to see if it really does solve a problem.

The Net panel in the Firebug extension for Firefox can do this. And indeed, it looks like you haven't fully defeated caching yet.

On a cleaned cache, I get an HTTP 200 response code for setup.exe, but 304 (Not Modified) thereafter. If the cache were defeated, it would be 200 every time. Assuming you have fully restarted Apache, the next thing to try is:

FileETag none

Incidentally, while poking around with this, I ran into a spate of validation errors on the home page. One particularly ugly one is a second <body> tag on line 261 of the home page.

The best way I know of to clean up things like this is with the Html Validator Firefox extension:

After you install it, the View Source window is augmented to do validation, with an error list coupled to the source listing, much like the way code IDEs tie compiler errors to source lines. Because it's right there in your browser and runs client-side, you get real-time feedback about the cleanliness of your code as you work on the page. Unlike other free validation services, you don't have to publish the page for all to see before you can validate.

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