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Re: Bug: cygport fails when the working directory pathname contains spaces

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 08:57:29PM +0000, Eric Backus wrote:
>Marco Atzeri <marco_atzeri <at>> writes:
>> Don't use filename with a space inside is a WELL KNOWN
>> rule of any UNIX system.
>> If MS made a stupid decision, we should not follow it. 
>> Regards
>> Marco
>It really doesn't matter to me whether cygport supports filenames with 
>spaces.  And it is certainly true that filenames with spaces are relatively 
>common on Windows systems, but relatively rare on unix systems.
>Nevertheless, there is no rule about this.  Actually I believe POSIX allows 
>filenames to have *any* character in them except a directory separator '/' or 
>a terminating null '\0'.  It is well known that *robust* scripts should use 
>proper quoting to allow for things like spaces in filenames.

Wow.  This horse is starting to get really smelly.  And the flies are driving
me crazy.


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