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.bashrc file not run


This problem has me stumped. 

I have windows XP and cygwin with bash version 3.2.49(23)-release.

I have set my passwd file to include my home directory /home/blueneil.
I have placed .bashrc in my home directory and made it executable.
I have placed .bashrc_profile in my home directory and made it executable, with content:
export HOME=/home/blueneil

When I login, the environment settings I put in .bashrc don't get run.
If I source ~/.bashrc they are included as expected.

Also I have added some configuration to /etc/bash.bashrc it does not get run.

If I 'su blueneil' into my own account ~/.bashrc is executed.
If I 'ssh localhost' ~/.bashrc is not executed.

The only odd configuration I think I have is that the default windows directory is a mapped network drive, but the configuration in /etc/password should fix this as far as I understand?

Does anyone have any suggestions please as to where or how to start looking into this.



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