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1.7.1-1: sh.exe dos-style problem

Hallo all,
Is it possible to make sh.exe process dos-style files (line break: 0x0D 0x0A) correctly? Converting the script file to unix style is not possible in my special case.

Please find a detailed description below.

Thanks in advance

1. IBM Rational ClearQuest Client für Windows 7.1.0 is installed on the Windows XP system.
Drive Q: is connected to ClearCase dynamic view \\view\N4_DV_Z002PEYV.
Drive C: is system drive.

2. Create dos-style shell script c:\shTest\ with contents
"ls > a.txt<cr><lf>" (In Hex 6C 73 20 3E 20 61 2E 74 78 74 0D 0A).

3.1 Command line
C:\shTest>sh c:\shTest\
   -> a.txt? is created (a.txt without ? was expected)

3.2 Switch to Q and run command again:
Q:\MedMake>sh c:\shTest\
 -> Now it is reported: ": No such file or directory: a.txt"
4. Change the shell script to unix-style (line break 0x0A)
 -> Now a.txt is successfully created both under C: and Q:

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