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Re: [gcc] FYI, libffi FAILs with cygwin snapshot 20100205, 20100207 & 20100210...

2010/2/15 Christopher Faylor:
> On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:31:22AM +0100, Christian Joensson wrote:
>>2010/2/14 Christian Joensson:
>>>> 20100204 works... 20100205 doesn't...
>>> FWIW, 20100212 does seem to suffer from similar problems as does
>>> 201002{05,07,10} does, ie, gcc trunk (revision 156700) libffi
>>> testsuite have the same issue with crept in "."
>>neither 20100214 works for libffi testsuite...
> Maybe you're missing Corinna's request for a simple test case to
> track this down. ?We don't anticipate that this will be fixed until
> someone takes the time to narrow this down.

I'm not ignorant, just incompetent in such a complex situation. I
don't like being addressed in a manner as this if you don't mind me
saying so.

I will stop reporting gcc and cygwin results, as I obviously irritated
you, unless I misinterpret your, in my opinion strong statement above.
I don't need such behaviour and I conclude from your statement above
that you don't want my reports either, so that's fine then.

I see now, however, that Corinna seems to have found a bug she
introduced; I'm all happy she did. My incentive for reporting this
issue was for you guys to make an informed decision, of introducing a
regression, or you may call it a bug if you will, not to solve any of
my problems, I have non related to this.




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