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Re: [gcc] FYI, libffi FAILs with cygwin snapshot 20100205, 20100207 & 20100210...

--- Lun 15/2/10, Corinna Vinschen ha scritto:

> On Feb 15 15:15, Corinna Vinschen
> wrote:
> > On Feb 15 10:18, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> > > I hope it can help
> > 
> > Thanks, but that's not exactly "simple".? It
> requires to run a test
> > through an interpreter.? It would still be more
> helpful to get a simple
> > testcase in plain C or at least just the regular
> expression and the
> > string it stumbles over.? I would have to to the
> same, so I hoped that
> > somebody else would at least help to skip the
> preliminary steps, so I
> > can concentrate on actual debugging and fixing.
> Probably I found the culprit.? I introduced a bug in
> vfprintf when I
> added thousands separator printing.? The result of the
> bug is that float
> or double values got an extra decimal point.? The
> float value 1 got
> printed as "1.", for instance.? I don't know how this
> relates to the
> autom4ate case, but it should at least fix the libffi
> issue.? This
> should show up in the next developer's snapshot.
> Corinna

2010-02-15 works fine.


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