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Re: AddAccessAllowedAce(, owner) failed: 1337

On 02/16/2010 01:20 AM, Stephen Grant Brown wrote:
Again no output from the 1.7 cygcheck

Is the cygwin1.dll from 1.5 still in memory and being accessed by the
cygcheck in 1.7 when I renamed it?

Am I correct in saying that I am not getting any output from the
cygcheck from 1.7?

How do you suggest I run cygcheck?

I'm not sure. 'cygcheck' doesn't require 'cygwin1.dll' to run. It's a pure Win32 program. If it's not running, that points to something local getting in it's way. Again, I can only think of BLODA or other type of security application/service. Is there anything else you're running that fits this description? I also find it odd that 'cygcheck' from 1.5 runs while 1.7 doesn't. Perhaps the output (_attached_) from the 1.5 version will provide some insight if you can't find anything else causing the problem.

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