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Have set mount --change-cygdrive-prefix "/" : now getting tripped up by hardwired /cygdrive/

On my system I've changed the cygdrive path prefix by setting
mount -c "/"
(and have done this for years). I've just tried using dvipdf which appears to have a hardwired requirement to locate a temporary file under /cygdrive/c/.. and so I'm getting an error message
****Could not open ..
and indeed (for example) ls -al /cygdrive/c generates similarly an error message
cannot access ..
while ls-al /c does not (of course).

I'm perplexed because (a) there must be lots of examples of hardwired /cygdrive/ lying around in Cygwin (yes?) and because (b) I'm moderately certain that in the past I have deliberately used this prefix (even after setting mount -c "/") and Cygwin "knows what I mean". (Actually I'm sure I've used dvipdf and not too long ago.) That is, I dimly thought mount -c "/" enabled the shorthand without disabling the longhand. (Though I've just looked back at my version of 1.5.25 and this sequence leads to identical errors.)

Is there a way I can change the cygdrive path prefix as described, but keep /cygdrive/ understood?


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