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Re: Have set mount --change-cygdrive-prefix "/" : now getting tripped up by hardwired /cygdrive/

On 17/02/2010 11:03, Fergus wrote:
> On my system I've changed the cygdrive path prefix by setting
>    mount -c "/"
> (and have done this for years). I've just tried using dvipdf which
> appears to have a hardwired requirement to locate a temporary file under
> /cygdrive/c/.. 

  It seems pretty unlikely that it would have any hardcoded path at all, let
alone one under /cygdrive, and there's certainly no matching string in the
dvips executable.  It's more likely coming in from somewhere else.  Have you
remembered to update any environment variables such as $TEMP or $HOME or
whatever that might still have /cygdrive paths in them?

> I'm perplexed because (a) there must be lots of examples of hardwired
> /cygdrive/ lying around in Cygwin (yes?) 

  No, or at any rate there shouldn't be.  Anything that needs to know that
prefix should be deriving it from /etc/mtab.

  (Hmmph, on a side-note, it looks like we need to tweak our mtab format to be
unambigouously machine parseable wrt. paths containing spaces.)

> and because (b) I'm moderately
> certain that in the past I have deliberately used this prefix  (even
> after setting mount -c "/") and Cygwin "knows what I mean". (Actually
> I'm sure I've used dvipdf and not too long ago.) 

  Yeah, but you've probably misanalysed what's going on there.

> That is, I dimly
> thought mount -c "/" enabled the shorthand without disabling the
> longhand. 


> (Though I've just looked back at my version of 1.5.25 and this
> sequence leads to identical errors.)
> Is there a way I can change the cygdrive path prefix as described, but
> keep /cygdrive/ understood?

  You can mkdir a real "cygdrive" dir under "/" and place soft-links "c" ->
"/c", "d" -> "/d" as needed.  (This avoids the horrors of a recursive file
system that would arise if you created a softlink in "/" called "cygdrive"
pointing back to "/".)


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