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Re: Problems with SU under Windows XP vs. Windows Server

On 02/17/2010 05:21 AM, Frank wrote:

I am experiencing difficulties using the SU utility.

What am trying to do is the following:
From a service (running under SYSTEM account) I want to run SU to get
a bash shell script executed as a specific user.

- When I do this on my Windows XP 32bit box, all is fine and SU runs my
script as the user (I verified this by running "whoami" inside the script).

- When I do the very same on my Windows 2003 Server 64bit box, then SU
hangs forever and I assume it is waiting for a password.

So why is this different behaviour on the two boxes?

'SYSTEM' on W2K3 doesn't have the rights to switch user context. Try installing 'openssh' and running 'ssh-host-config' to set up the 'cygserver' user and use that instead. Or run 'ssh-user-config' and just use SSH for everything where ever you need it.

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