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qsort source in cygwin

Last year I worked on SixSort, an inplace, single thread sorter that
beats every quicksort variant I can find, including qsort in the C-library.
Except qsort is still faster on small arrays.  The cross-over point
depends on the platform.
Hence I want to see the Cygwin source of qsort.

Q1 Is the Cygwin qsort source available?

Qsort must hide in library because a search in the Cygwin space yields
nothing, not even a man page (reported in 2005).
The 'Cygwin in CVS' page scares the chicken out of me.
Its link
is a dead end because its utils-link yields nothing.

Q2 Any advice how to dig into CVS? ...
Q3 ... or is there a short cut to get the qsort source?

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