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Re: File format problem after updatin to 1.7.1

On 2/18/2010 6:40 AM, Marta Ghidella wrote:
> Jeremy Bopp <jeremy <at>> writes:
>> I've not used that script before, but from that text it seems that the
>> script can only migrate user mounts, not system mounts.  I get the
>> impression that this problem is resulting from system mounts going binary.
>> -Jeremy
> Hello Jeremy:
> I've just updated to cygwin 1.7.1 and had the same problem  described here.
> But couldn't get the solution...
> The key is in your paragraph, thet's very true.
> But, how do we do if we want the system mounts to be text? 
> System mounts cannot be modified by mount; I tried adding them to fstab, but the
> operation is not allowed.

The only mount specification in /etc/fstab which appears to be ignored
is the one for /.  I can't say why that is so, and I don't know a way
around that fact.  I think Corinna manages that.

You have at least two possible workarounds available:

1) Set the SHELLOPTS environment variable to "igncr" so that Bash will
ignore the DOS line endings, or
2) Create a new text mode mount and then use your scripts from that new

Option 1 is only good for Bash, so if you have other programs which
choke on the DOS line endings, it's not going to work for you.  Option 2
may require a process change for you, but it should work as long as your
scripts live in the new mount and are referenced via that mount's path.


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