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Re: mintty - char encoding problems

On 02/19/2010 02:39 PM, David BalaÅic wrote:

I have few days old setup of cygwin on WinXP.
I also installed mintty.

I worked fine on one user account, which is a member of the
Administrators group.

Today I started mintty under another, not admin, user, and got this:

ÃÂ./.bashrcÃÂ ->  ÃÂ/home/work//.bashrcÃÂ
ÃÂ./.bash_profileÃÂ ->  ÃÂ/home/work//.bash_profileÃÂ
ÃÂ./.inputrcÃÂ ->  ÃÂ/home/work//.inputrcÃÂ

I also can not type certain non-ascii chars, that worked fine in the
first user, like ÄÅÅ.
Now they appear on the bach command line as c ( Å and Å don't appear at all).

Any idea what is wrong?

What are your character set and locale settings for the other user?

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Holliston, MA 01746


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