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Re: latest snapshots and X

I have an issue with Cygwin and X that started when I upgraded to Cygwin
1.7.x. I am posting this here in case there is a relationship with the
subject of this thread.

My issue occurs when I operate the Cygwin X server on my local PC. I
also launch the ddd debugger on a remote machine, but graphical
presentation of ddd is directed to the local Cygwin X server. The remote
machine is an Intel Linux machine (Red Hat, I think).

In this scenario, ddd operates correctly until  I right-click within
certain parts of the ddd GUI in order to bring up a context-sensitive
menu.  At that point, ALL X11 applications on the local Cygwin machine
stop accepting keyboard input. The mouse pointer appearance is als frozen
as a slanted arrow. It does not change to a text cursor when I bring
the focus into an xterm window, for example.

This "freeze" stops after I kill the ddd window. This behavior is

If I launch ddd on the local Cygwin machine, this issue does not occur.

The usual cygcheck -s -v -r output is attached.

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