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Setup.exe does not work.


I downloaded and ran setup.exe. I have Windows Vista x64. I get to the part that wants to pick a download site. None are listed, it should automatically find the sites for me. Anyways, I go back to your site, find a mirror then click on it. Example: I then copy from the address bar and past it into the setup.exe and click add. I am not typing it. I then click next. I get an error that says "Unable to get setup.ini from <>. I can access the mirror myself from my web browser. Why can't I get the full download and download it myself, then install it? This is probably a firewall issue or a setup glitch. Normally when a program wants access to the internet, my firewall triggers and asks me if I want to let the program through. This setup program seems to not even try to get to the internet. Does anyone have a resolution to this problem. For example, what needs to change on the firewall to let setup through?


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