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Re: mintty - char encoding problems

On 20 February 2010 13:23, Andy Koppe <> wrote:
> David BalaÅic:
>>>> A mismatch of Cygwin's charset and mintty's charset, probably. What
>>>> versions of Cygwin and mintty are you using? What are the values of
>>>> LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE and LANG? Is anything set in the Charset (or
>>>> Codepage) field on the Text pane of mintty's options?
>>> ÂCygwin DLL version info:
>>> Â Â Â ÂDLL version: 1.7.1
>>> mintty        0.5.7-1
>>> $LANG is SL , ÂLC_* are undefined
>>> The mintty Text settings are empty.
> Right. As Thomas already pointed out, "SL" is an invalid locale
> setting. In this case, Cygwin programs use the "C" locale, which in
> 1.7.1. implies UTF-8. Mintty, on the other hand, falls back to the
> system's "ANSI" codepage, with less than pretty results.
> Not quite a bug, since you can't expect anything non-ASCII to work
> correctly with an invalid locale setting, but nevertheless I've now
> changed mintty to fall back to UTF-8.
>>> As mentioned, this is a fresh install and 99,9% of settings are at default.
>>> Windows Regional settings are:
>>> Standards and formats : Slovenian
>>> Location: United States
>>> Input Language/Keyborad layout: US English
>> Aha, the other account has:
>> Standards and formats : English (US)
>> I changed it on this account too and now it works.
>> $LANG is now C.UTF-8
> I'm puzzled by that, because the standards and formats setting
> shouldn't have any effect on LANG, at least as far as mintty and
> Cygwin are concerned. Any idea how it might have got set to "SL"?
> In any case, the easy way to set locale and charset in mintty is via
> the Text options. This will also set up LANG accordingly in newly
> started sessions.

As I already mentioned, it is a fresh cygwin install.
There is alreadt an old, pre-1.7 cygwin setup, but according to post
here, it should not matter.

And since the problem is triggered by a simple change in the system
prefs, anyone onterested can try it ;-)

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