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Re: Batch file code to launch rxvt pointed elsewhere than $HOME -- what's wrong with my code?

Andy, all:

This command, executed from a batch file, works right off the bat.

C:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -display :0 -fn "Lucida Console-14" -tn rxvt -sl 8000 -cd "/cygdrive/c/blu/newest" -e /usr/bin/bash -c "STARTDIR=\"$PWD\" exec /bin/bash --login"
I thought all I'd have to add were the "-geometry" and "-font" options as I had them in the original batch file. After trying the command twice and each time getting a message in Command Prompt such as *rxvt: could not load Lucida Console-14*, I figured it was looking in the Windows font folder instead of the X11 one. When I added the "-display :0" option, and the rxvt window came up with the right font, size, welcome message and in the right directory, I knew I had clinched it.

So I took it to the next step: making the batch file. One long line of code even looks better than three, especially when it works. And this did.

I changed the double-quoted path to point to the other directory for which I wanted one of these custom batch files, saved, double-clicked, and it worked as well as the first one.

This should be somehow made an "interesting extra method" somewhere in the User Guide, in my opinion. I don't doubt both new Cygwin users as well as old hands will want to know how to do it.

Thanks again for all the help.

SJ Wright
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