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Re: Fetchmail call to procmail no longer works under Cygwin 1.7.1-1


On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 9:17 PM, Jason Tishler <> wrote:
> Please note the following:
> Â Â

My apologies if I overlooked that - I'm temporarily working in googlemail
because of this procmail situation and feel out of my usual element (mutt).

>> Ah, how interesting! ÂIt is indeed a directory. ÂI deleted the
>> directory, sent some test messages to myself, and now at least they
>> are indeed accumulating in one single mbox file called TBaker. ÂThat
>> is certainly progress!
> Hmm... ÂWho or what created that directory?

The directory has been there for several years.  Maybe I created it
at some point in the belief that it was needed.  It is a credit
to the fetchmail authors that fetchmail at least gave each incoming message
a unique name and no data was ever lost through this mistake.  Mail was
always passed on to procmail -- or _almost_ always.  Two or three times per year
I'd notice that mail had stopped coming and find the msg.* files accumulating
in /var/spool/mail/tbaker directory.  Rebooting would usually solve the
problem.  So this is not an entirely new problem.  What is new is that
no amount of rebooting or re-running setup.exe is fixing the problem now.
Even though the (apparently) same configuration is running smoothly on
my netbook...

>> Procmail, on the other hand, is already set to VERBOSE and writes to a
>> logfile procmail.log. ÂOn the netbook, where procmail works, it does
>> write to the logfile. ÂOn the desktop, where procmail does not work,
>> it does not write to the logfile, making me think it is somehow not
>> even being called.
> What happens if you call procmail from the command line directly? ÂDoes
> it find your ~/.procmailrc file on the desktop machine?

procmail -v does find $HOME/.procmailrc and /var/spool/mail/TBaker
on the desktop machine.

> Could case sensitivity be causing your problem (i.e., tbaker vs.
> TBaker)? ÂWhat does the "logname" command and "$HOME" variable indicate
> on each machine?

On the netbook:
	logname: tbaker
	$HOME is /home/tbaker

On the desktop
	logname: TBaker
	$HOME is /home/tbaker

If this problem came up only after an update to Cygwin 1.7, after
working perfectly for years, is it possible that Cygwin is getting the
logname from a different location now?  Though I believe the logname on
the desktop has been TBaker for years.

This is drawing me deeper into the mechanics of mail than I ever
thought I'd need to go.  I'm still using Windows XP and wondering
whether this might be the moment to take the plunge to Windows 7.
Is it likely that starting with a clean install of Windows 7 and
Cygwin might just make this problem go away?  I thought that would
be more work than de-bugging fetchmail/procmail, but now I'm not so


Tom Baker <>

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