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Re: Statically initialising pthread attributes in dynamic dlls.

On 22/02/2010 17:36, Dave Korn wrote:
On 22/02/2010 10:33, Andrew West wrote:
Trying to initialise a pthread attribute in a static variable seems to
cause a segfault. I've attach a simple test case compiled using;

g++ -g mutex.cpp -o mutex.dll -lpthread
   You must have accidentally omitted "-shared" here, since it wouldn't link


The only other bits of information I can give which might or might not
be helpful are;
   Run "cygcheck -s -r -v>  cygcheck.out" and then send that to the list *as an
attachment* (i.e. not inline in the body text).  TIA!


Oh sorry about that, my mail client should be fixed now, see attached ( I hope ) cygcheck.out.

Looking through the cygwin code the first thing pthread_mutexattr_init does is check to see if the attribute
passed in is 'is_good_object( attr )', which eventually gets to 'verifyable_object_isvalid' and this line;

if ((*object)->magic != magic)

As object hasn't been initialised yet ( it's initialised after this check ) so doing this
dereference causes windows to throw a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. Under normal circumstances
the clever cygtls stuff should catch this using it's exception handler installed at the start of the SEH, and allow
cygwin to continue and properly initialise the thread mutex attribute object.

With the code I'm testing against, the exception handler isn't called in the library and it bombs out there. :(
The dll initialisation stuff calls '_cygtls::init_exception_handler' but it doesn't insert it because it finds it's already
there ( from test.exe I guess ), or at least it doesn't hit my break point in '_cygtls::reset_fault' during the call
to pthread_mutexattr_init.


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