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Re: Fetchmail call to procmail no longer works under Cygwin 1.7.1-1


On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 10:48:14PM -0500, Thomas Baker wrote:
> Jason,
> On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 9:17 PM, Jason Tishler <snip> wrote:
> > Please note the following:
> >
> >
> My apologies if I overlooked that - I'm temporarily working in
> googlemail because of this procmail situation and feel out of my usual
> element (mutt).

Unfortunately, you are still overlooking the above. :,(

> >> Procmail, on the other hand, is already set to VERBOSE and writes
> >> to a logfile procmail.log. On the netbook, where procmail works,
> >> it does write to the logfile. On the desktop, where procmail does
> >> not work, it does not write to the logfile, making me think it is
> >> somehow not even being called.
> >
> > What happens if you call procmail from the command line directly?
> > Does it find your ~/.procmailrc file on the desktop machine?
> procmail -v does find $HOME/.procmailrc and /var/spool/mail/TBaker
> on the desktop machine.

I meant running procmail from the command line with a mail message like
the following:

    $ procmail <foo.mail

Does the above work on your desktop machine?

> > Could case sensitivity be causing your problem (i.e., tbaker vs.
> > TBaker)? What does the "logname" command and "$HOME" variable
> > indicate on each machine?
> On the netbook:
> 	logname: tbaker
> 	$HOME is /home/tbaker
> On the desktop
> 	logname: TBaker
> 	$HOME is /home/tbaker

I don't know why the case difference would cause a problem, but so far
it is the only difference I can find between the two machines.

> If this problem came up only after an update to Cygwin 1.7, after
> working perfectly for years, is it possible that Cygwin is getting the
> logname from a different location now?  Though I believe the logname
> on the desktop has been TBaker for years.

AFAIK, no.

> This is drawing me deeper into the mechanics of mail than I ever
> thought I'd need to go.  I'm still using Windows XP and wondering
> whether this might be the moment to take the plunge to Windows 7.
> Is it likely that starting with a clean install of Windows 7 and
> Cygwin might just make this problem go away?  I thought that would
> be more work than de-bugging fetchmail/procmail, but now I'm not so
> sure.

I don't know, but replacing the operating system seem like a very
drastic way of "solving" this problem.


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