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Re: terminfo [Re: console enhancements: mouse events etc]

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 11:00:28AM +0100, Thomas Wolff wrote:
Thomas Wolff wrote:

Actually, I just remember again that I though I should change the
terminfo entry too. Just - where's the source to patch?

That -src package is basically just a wrapper around terminfo.src from
ncurses-5.7 (as of patch level 20091114). So, the ultimate upstream
source is actually ncurses. But I split it out specifically so that we
could do faster updates of terminfo (rebuilding all of ncurses simply to
change two characters in /usr/share/terminfo/[63|c]/cygwin is rather silly).

So, send me patches against terminfo.src from that -src tarball, and
once we've got it figured out, I'll push it upstream to the ncurses

Sorry for the slightly late response. Attached is a small patch.
Wrong mailing list.

Really? I thought it was a patch, even if to go upstream. And Charles had requested it on that list.
No I wonder whether this is the right one...
Ah, I see, sorry, another comment, those two lists are for cgwin dll only. However, the patch should have been attached with my cygwin dll patch in the first place, to be more proper, so I thought... and still Charles had requested it there...

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