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ssh problem using publickey in domain environment

I have read this mailing list and many other good pages how to setup sshd in cygwin environment. I have installed many sshd cygwin servers, but last some servers I have been publickey auth problem.

Basic model works fine, but in the domain environment has been some problems. Today I found some answer, but not all.

If I have used ex. win2003 (or win2008r2) servers and those are member of domain and domain controller then
ssh-host-config -y
net start sshd
works fine, you can use password or rsa publickey auth, no problem.
cyg_server and sshd are domain users, works fine.

But if your server is member of domain, but not domain controller, then publickey not work, setsuid problem. In this case server can use local and domain users. Controller use only domain users.

Today I found "dirty" solution, I added also local user and it works fine also with publickey auth. cyg_server and sshd are local users and user is also local, works fine. But not using domain users ?
mkpasswd -l ...
mkpasswd -d domain ...

Why it works if your server is domain controller, but not if you have only member of domain ?
- setting priviledges ? ex. SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege

If your server is member of domain, howto make users, sshd, (which order) ... without setuid problem when using publickey auth ? cyg_server and sshd - domain user or local or both, ???


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