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cygwin + rsync issue under Windows 7 x64

Friends -- I am posting this to both lists since I think
it has to do with some kind of unfortunate interaction.

The latest rsync (3.0.7-1) under an up-to-date cygwin
on Windows 7 x64 gets into some kind of busy wait
situation when transferring large files over ssh.
rsync, ssh, and zip can all be consuming much cpu time.

I downloaded and built rsync 3.0.7 locally, manually
editing config.status to turn off HAVE_SOCKETPAIR.
The resulting rsync works fine.

So, what specific diagnosis and further information
would you find most helpful? A few months ago,
Corinna and I went through a whole round of trying
to get socketpair to work better, and she developed
a BLODA work-around. At her request, I have kept the
particular offending BLODA installed. AFAIK, the
original problem (complete inability to open a
socketpair and fork properly) is gone. This is a
different problem, but seems to have to do with
not being able to push data through socket pairs
or detect presence of more data, etc.

Regards -- Eliot Moss

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