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Re: terminfo [Re: console enhancements: mouse events etc]

On 24.02.2010 01:56, Charles Wilson wrote:
Thomas Wolff wrote:
Charles Wilson wrote:
Thomas Wolff wrote:

Actually, I just remember again that I though I should change the
terminfo entry too. Just - where's the source to patch?
So, send me patches against terminfo.src from that -src tarball, and
once we've got it figured out, I'll push it upstream to the ncurses

Sorry for the slightly late response. Attached is a small patch.
Two notes:
* I used the occasion to add PC graphics mode to the linux console, too,
which have always been missing there.
I'm not sure about this.  The only situation where you'd be using the
cygwin terminfo database while interacting with a linux console is if
you were running a cygwin shell, under WINE, from a console mode linux
login.  Or maybe if you were remotely accessing a cygwin box from a
console mode linux session.  However, in both cases, the terminal
description would DIFFER from the one the actual linux box, the one
you'd be sitting in front of, uses.  This sounds like trouble to me.

I think the better approach -- doomed to rejection, unfortunately (*) --
is to submit this change directly upstream to ncurses (Thomas Dickey).
If it's picked up there, then it will filter down thru the linux
distributions, AND we'll get it.

(*) Thomas (Dickey) has a policy of accepting terminal description
changes ONLY from the maintainers of the emulator/console code: e.g.
konsole from the KDE devs, linux from lkml only, etc.
Quite understandable. However, I already sent a bug report to some months ago and there doesn't seem to be anyone behind that mail address who would even care to respond..., so
He's unlikely to accept a patch to the linux terminfo description from
us. But, give it a try anyway...
so I had just hoped to get this upstream this way. Anyway, my updated patch (attached) is now without the linux detail.

* I patched "cygwinDBG" only for now, because if the patch goes
upstream, the new VT100 graphics mode will not be available for remote
login from an older cygwin console for a while. Feel free to modify the
entry "cygwin" accordingly if you feel confident with it.
No, I think it would be best to update cygwin itself (and maybe
cygwinDBG. Anybody use that?) If we want to add cygwin-old (cygwin-1p5?
suggestion for a better name?) for backwards compatibility, we can. But
the current cygwin terminal description should describe the current
cygwin terminal capabilities.
OK, updated.

BTW, does this "fix" 'pstree -G'?
Unfortunately not. I checked pstree and it is obviously quite buggy about terminal handling. I also checked the source and it does the wrong thing.
There are different methods to embed VT100 graphics codes, for short let me call them G1 and G0. What pstree sends is:
G0-on G1-off code G0-off
Obviously terminals handle this differently. xterm and mintty seem to still apply VT100 graphics within G0-on...G0-off despite the stray G1-off,
while my cygwin console patch doesn't, it just switches it off when it's told "off" by one method and I thought that would be OK.
So there is two options:
- I could amend my patch with a workaround
- I/We could get pstree fixed, probably upstream?

I'll adapt and release an update relatively soon. ...
I'm guessing that these terminfo changes need to wait until 1.7.2, right?
Yes, please.


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