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Re: Statically initialising pthread attributes in dynamic dlls.

On 24/02/2010 05:26, Dave Korn wrote:
   Yeh, that works nicely.  Here's what I tested, along with a couple of extra
test cases I used to check whether exception handling was still working before
and after the dlopen call.  With the current state of HEAD, the first one
works (by which I mean "prints 'sig 11' forever" and the second one fails (by
which I means reaches some sort of exit without hitting the signal handler at
all).  With the attached diff, they both work (as does the original unmodified

   This is just a brain dump because I'm off to bed now, hence no change log,
and there's still commented-out stuff and inadequate commenting, but I figured
  I may as well let everyone know what I found out.  'night all!

I've tried out the latest snapshots with the code that I originally found this bug with and it fixed the problem of
being able to successfully call dlopen, but I seemed to run into what I think was a similar problem when
I called dlclose.

Unfortunately I can't seem to create a simple test case demonstrating this. If LoadLibrary could possibly remove
the cygwin exception_handler isn't it possible that FreeLibrary could as well?

I adding the line;

_my_tls.init_exception_handler (_cygtls::handle_exceptions);

To 'cygwin_detach_dll' before the 'dlls.detach' call and this seemed to fix the problem, but I'm not entirely sure of
what the reprocusions of this might be.


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