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Re: ssh + patch + $TMP

Kurt Franke a Ãcrit :
Cyrille Lefevre <cyrille.lefevre-lists <at>> writes:

Kurt Franke a Ãcrit :
I added a script

to /etc/profile.d/ to fetch the SYSTEM environment and USER environment
from the registry.
Some Variables like PATH are preserved.

The login performance via ssh is degraded in comparison without this script.
do you use regtool or /proc/registry ?

If you are interested I can email it to you.

Or is it possible to post it here (Size 4897 Bytes) ?

I use /proc/registry and loop through the entries in the environment directories
in the form name=`cat $name`

try name=$(< $name) or read -r name < $name

All this is written to a .bat file with also added code to write a script out to be sourced to get the environment settings

this long way around is used to automatically expand variables in registry keys
which may exist in keys of type REG_EXPAND_SZ
this is of course also a brake pad for the performance

in bash, you have ${var/search/replace} which is better than echo $var | sed 's|search|replace|' or whatever.

I think for interactive logon this is tolerable
But for using it very often in a rsh manner a solution with good performance
would be preferred.

may be you may post your code ?


Cyrille Lefevre

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