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Re: [Packaging error] c3270/tcl3270/s3270/pr3287/x3270

On 2010-02-24 23:31, Peter A. Castro wrote:
Moding the makefiles to add a $EXE macro everywhere for these packages
would be a large-ish change and not something I'd really want to have to
perpetuate. However, I have gone through this "exercise" and will feed
back to the owner some "suggestions" on adding said $EXE macro usage ;-)

But that's not going to happen for this quicky fixup release. Instead,
I've taken the less intrusive (and arguable magical) approach of adding
"-s" to the install options for program installs (done handily via an
environmental variable override :-).

FWIW cygport's postinstall strip stage now looks for executable files without any extension and checks to see if they are possibly .exe's, in which case they are stripped (causing the suffix to be added). Not a perfect fix, but it catches most of these cases.

x3270, like many traditional X based applications, uses "imake"[...]

I'm sorry to hear that. Imake isn't so much traditional as downright ancient. :-)

The man path macro (MANPATH) is being set to "/usr/man", based on the
"SystemManDirectory" macro, which, itself, is set based on the "SystemV4"
macro in the Imake.tmpl file. It's been a while since I hand-cranked the
"World", but I think this file is created by yet another utility and some
config ( perhaps ?).

SystemManDirectory is defined to /usr/share/man in, so I'm not sure why you are seeing this. In any case, cygport will automatically move /usr/man to /usr/share/man.

Yaakov Cygwin/X

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