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Re: Cygwin build scripts in perl

> It isn't clear from your email what you are attempting to accomplish but
> it sounds like you are trying to build cygwin using a non-cygwin-aware
> version of perl.  If that is the case, then this is not of interest to
> the project or this mailing list.

The build breaks were exposed by using the Windows native build of perl, but 
the root causes were not specific to the build kind of perl.  In particular,
mkimport ran objcopy against "ftruncate.o" in a temporary directory, but I 
believe the expected filename argument was supposed to be "t-ftruncate.o".
This is only my conjecture as I do not know the purpose and the intention of
the implementation with these scripts.

In another case of a build break, perl complained that the "list form of 
pipe" which I believe is the "dash followed by pipe" construct, was not
implemented.  Perhaps, the implementation is an option configured during
the perl interpreter's build, but I found the use of a rare construct 
alarming and replaced it with a common construct.

> In the patch below many of the changes are either inexplicable or just
> whitespace so I haven't spent much time trying to figure out if there
> is a bug fix in there.  I suspect that, since many people are building
> the Cygwin DLL, there can't be much of a problem.

> >+  die "E: $0: $cmd_nm:\n$!\n";
>          ^^
> inexplicable prepending of "E:" to an error message.

I apologize I forgot to explain the "E: " prefix as I thought its addition 
was not as important as fixing the build breaks.  I figured that the "E:",
for "error", and "W:", for "warning", prefixes may add some structure to 
the build output from the build system analysis viewpoint.

> >-	   'ar=s'=>\$ar, 'as=s'=>\$as,'nm=s'=>\$nm, 'objcopy=s'=>\$objcopy);
> >+           'ar=s'=>\$ar, 'as=s'=>\$as,'nm=s'=>\$nm, 'objcopy=s'=>\$objcopy);
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> gratuitous whitespace change

The whitespace changes were to stop relying on the editor's settings by
replacing all Tab characters with the appropriate amount of space characters. 
This was only a bundled change that I removed from the -nowhitespace.txt diffs.

I provided the non-whitespace diffs beside the precise ones under the file 
names ending with "-nowhitespace.txt".

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