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Re: Cygwin's svn appends unwanted .exe to file name on checkout

On 2/26/2010 1:23 PM, Alan wrote:
Hi Dave,

Thanks for helping.

A windows exe file is checked into a svn repository and the
file name
does not end in .exe. On checkout .exe is appended to the file name
even though subversion output shows the expected file name.

I cannot reproduce this problem. I used the notepad.exe executable that came with Windows XP as my exe. I've attached my attempt to reproduce the problem as a script. Would you run it in a new directory and report the output?

Done. The script reproduces the problem on two machines. One of my colleagues also has the problem on a third machine.

I'm about out of ideas. The script is working fine for me on two different Windows XP machines - one in a domain and one not in a domain, if that matters. There must be some kind of environmental difference, but I don't know what.

As a last gasp effort, please try the attached (modified) script. It uses an empty user Subversion configuration directory, just to rule that out. Please also move /etc/subversion out of the way before running it. There are commands to do that at the top and bottom of the script, but they're commented out.

If the problem goes away, then we know it's something in the subversion configuration files. If it doesn't, then I'm at a loss what to do next.

I know the Cygwin DLL has some "magic" for appending the .exe extension and I suspect that's getting in the way here, but I don't know when or why it happens.

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