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Cygwin threading support and C++11

In the following thread on the `cygwin' mailing list (April 2009) Dave
Korn explains some of the reasons why threading support is not
available in gcc builds for the Cygwin environment.

On March 13th of this year Herb Sutter posted a `Trip Report' on the
March 2010 ISO C++ Standards Meeting (Pittsburgh, PA, USA on March 8-13,
2010) announcing that, at this meeting, the Committee approved the
current draft text of C++0x as Final Committee Draft (FCD), effectively
meaning that "assuming all goes well, C++0x could officially be
published as soon as next year as ISO C++ 2011."

One consequence of this is that conforming implementations will be
required to implement threading support in the new standard C++11
libraries <thread>, etc. and, being ahead of the game, gcc already
provides a (currently incomplete) implementation of the C++11 threading
libraries (see:
which is not available to current Cygwin users.

For future Cygwin implementations this is very likely still a PTC,
and perhaps someone on this mailing list could confirm this, or
otherwise.  (Unfortunately I don't have the necessary knowledge/skills
to offer my own help, as I would have liked to, but merely wanted to
flag this up as a future issue all the same.)

To reiterate, whilst at present the absence of full threading support in
the Cygwin environment merely means that certain desirable features are
not available to C++ developers using gcc under Cygwin, it will become
an issue of standards compliance with the introduction of C++11.


Paul Bibbings

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