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RE: Show window for BASH script run with /bin/run

J. David Boyd sent the following at Friday, April 02, 2010 2:32 PM
>JPMcGrath <> writes:
>> I am running a bash script under cygwin from within another
>> (non-cygwin) program.  The script normally does not interact with the
>> user, so I use /usr/bin/run when running the script to avoid having a
>> bash window constantly popping up and going away.  However, if the
>> script encounters an error, I need to show the user what went wrong.
>> What I am looking for is a way for the script to show the hidden window
>> if it encounters an error.
>> Does anyone know how to do this?
>> Thanks in advance.
>Write the error output of the hidden script to a file that was removed
>before the script ran. If the file exists after the script exits, pop it
>up and show the contents to the user. If the file doesn't exist after
>the script exits, everything is fine.

You might also look at the options available with cygstart.  Please note
that I've never had to do this, so I may be misunderstanding the man

Good luck,

- Barry
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