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R: cygintl-8.dll was not found

--- Sab 3/4/10, wefwef wefwef  ha scritto:

> I have downloaded the cygwin with all
> the defaults, plus a few extra
> packages to a local directory, then copied this to another
> machine and
> installed. - (Thanks to those who helped to get a minimal
> install, it
> is now 80 MB)
> I am getting the error message: cygintl-8.dll was not
> found, when I
> click on the cygwin icon on the desktop.
> I have looked for this on the forums, and it seems to be
> quite a
> common occurrence, and the advice usually seems to be, go
> and get the
> missing dll and install it by hand. Well of course I could
> do this,
> but I'm slightly worried about what else may be missing -
> it doesn't
> increase my confidence in cygwin. It appears to be a bug in
> the
> installer, perhaps what is needed is for the installer to
> verify that
> the package contains what it is supposed to contain.
> Does anyone have a solution to this, other than go and get
> the missing
> file? - I need an reliable installation process that
> works.

the right solution is to re-install the package:

after that I suggest to execute from shell
$ cygcheck -c 

to verify which other packages are incorrectly installed,
and re-install also tehm


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