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Re: cygintl-8.dll was not found

On 05/04/2010 16:04, wefwef wefwef wrote:

>> On 05/04/2010 15:40, wefwef wefwef wrote:

>>> The cygwin setup program has some obvious gui design flaws - a two
>>> year old can see that. It is a disaster from a usability point of
>>> view.

> Refer to my earlier mail for the full details of what's wrong with the
> gui. To accuse me of being in a bad mood because I point out something
> that is blatant and obvious is ridiculous.

  I did.  You suggested renaming a couple of things and changing around a
couple of buttons: a couple of trivial tweaks that do not remotely justify the
term "disaster".  In your own words: "minor cosmetic changes".

  You also proposed adding a feature it already has, a column telling you
whether a package is already installed or not.  This tells me that you are not
calmly and dispassionately observing what is in front of your eyes.

> That wasn't my main problem, I just pointed it out as a rather
> undesirable flaw in the installer. I mean, it's a function of the
> installer to be able to download a set of packages, 

  No it isn't.  It is not intended as a generic downloader.  It is intended
and designed to download just those packages that are necessary to update any
existing Cygwin installation.

> but for that to
> actually work properly, you have to rename or remove your existing
> installation. Seems a bit slapdash to me.

  "Slapdash" here is just a pejorative euphemism for "not what I expected".
You have to rid yourself of these arbitrary assumptions that are clouding your

  Still no log files.


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