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qt3 silently fails to install?

Most recent setup.exe, all my installed packages up-to-date as of now.

For at least the past week, when I tried to do any update using
setup.exe, the Partial view showed

Current   New       Bin? Src? ... Package
          3.3.8b-11 [X]  [ ]      qt3: C++ GUI application framework (sources)

If I left it in this to-be-installed state and continued, installing
it and any other updates since the last run, there would be no
apparent error and everything else would update, but the next run of
setup.exe would show the same qt3 line again.

When I changed it to Skip, I got

Warning! Unmet Dependencies Found ...

    Package: qt3
        Required by: qt3-doc

For qt3-doc, it said

Current   New       Bin? Src? ... Package
3.3.8b-11 Keep      n/a  [ ]      qt3-doc: C++ GUI application framework (documentation)

More or less just to see what would happen, I asked to remove qt3-doc,
and it did.  Then it no longer presented a line in setup.exe for
either qt3 or qt3-doc.

I then re-ran setup.exe, marked both qt3-doc and qt3 for install, and
completed the install.  Now the same symptoms have returned: each run
of setup.exe again shows the same qt3 line in the Partial view, even
if I "installed" it in the last run.

I don't know of anything that I have installed that uses qt3* -- at
least, I suppose that setup.exe would have complained if any Cygwin
package needed it, and surely it's unlikely that anything outside
Cygwin would need it.  So I may just remove both and leave them
uninstalled.  Still, I thought I should report this oddity.

(While I'm here: out of curiosity, why does qt3's description say
"(sources)" when the "Bin?" box is checked?)

Tim McDaniel,

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