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Re: mintty - changing colours when logging in to remote host

Gary wrote:
>> For example, to set the background
>> colour to dark red:
>> echo $'\e]12;64,0,0\a'
> Err. Well that set my block cursor to dark red, but anyway, yeah, I
> get the idea.

Oops. 12 indeed is the cursor. 11 is background, 10 is foreground.

And the OSC 4 sequence lets you change all 256 colours, whereby the
colour number appears after the first semicolon, e.g. this turns ANSI
yellow (colour 3) up to full brightness:

echo $'\e]4;3;255,255,0\a'

>I will read the xterm doc you linked to and "play
> around". Oh. Is it because
> $ echo $TERM
> xterm-256color

No, the control sequences are available independent of the TERM setting.

> (Oh God. I just looked at the document you linked to. I'm not sure
> which is denser, me or it! Anyway, I will read and see what I can make
> of it.)


> Incidentally, do you prefer mintty related subjects here or in
> mintty-discuss? Both seem appropriate.

I don't really mind, since they both end up in my inbox anyway, but
generally the more specific list is the better choice, initially
anyway. I do prefer bug reports and enhancement requests to go
straight to the mintty issue tracker, though.

Good luck,

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