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Re: man pages showing special characters

Durwin De La Rue:
> I have searched the archive on this with complicated results.
> First, I am using latest version of cygwin. ÂI normally use rxvt. ÂBut after
> having this issue with it, and finding information that mintty does not have
> the issue, I started using mintty. ÂMy first attempt to fix the issue in
> rxvt was successful (export LANG=C). ÂHowever, at some point it failed.
> ÂLANG is the same, but I again was getting special characters where a hyphen
> (and quotes and other punctuation) Âis suppose to be. ÂThat is when I
> started using mintty. ÂIt worked right off no problems. ÂHowever *now* it is
> doing the same. ÂI have tried setting LANG and LC_ALL to en_US.utf8 but
> nothing is helping.

What character set is selected on the Text page of mintty's options?
Where are you setting LANG and LC_ALL?

I'd recommend setting the locale and character set in the mintty
options only, which automatically sets LANG accordingly. If you set
LC_ALL or LANG to something else in your shell startup files, then
mintty won't get to know about it, and you end up with a charset
mismatch between mintty and applications running in it.


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