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Re: How to set full control to Everyone on USB hard drive files and directories?

> In Cygwin, create a mount entry for the drive and add the "noacl" flag.
> Then set the permissions on the root dir of the drive to full control
> for Everyone and make sure permissions are propagted to child objects.

I did that but I now have many of the following errors when I backup
my files with rsync from local hard drive d: (ntfs) to usb hard drive
g: (ntfs, mounted with noacl in /mnt/g):

$ rsync --modify-window=1 --recursive --links --executability --times
--quiet --delete /cygdrive/d/Documents /mnt/g/Sauvegarde/

rsync: rename "/mnt/g/Sauvegarde/Documents/Fred/Bal/1.7/Bal/gcc-release/bin/.configure.exe.JVPk8f"
-> "Documents/Fred/Bal/1.7/Bal/gcc-release/bin/configure.exe": Device
or resource busy (16)

when rsync ends, .configure.exe.?????? still exists and configure.exe
does not exist or both do not exist

Each time I try to use ntfs on USB drives, it turns to a nightmare...
maybe I will switch again to fat32.


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