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Re: 1.7.3: Backspace key not working in GNU screen.

On 4/12/2010 8:36 AM, Al G. wrote:
It sounds as though no change is required in screen for this.


screen is an ancient program from the dim mists of early terminal days, so I'm
not surprised that it has some problems of this kind.

Don't worry, screen isn't doing anything wrong here. Setting the VERASE key on the console device to _POSIX_VDISABLED (i.e., zero) is perfectly legitimate, it's the console using that as the backspace keycode that caused the problem.

@ Larry: Sorry, still not used to responding to the digests. I PEBCAKd the Spam info.

Where should I look to see this patch once it's released?

The patch is to cygwin1.dll. You can grab it from a snapshot now if you like: <>

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