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link (corutils) 8.4-2: doesn't link

In the past I have used corutils' link without any problem.  I can't
recall when I last did use it successfully, but certainly prior to
Cygwin 1.7.  At the moment, however, link is not actually linking, but
appears rather to be creating a simple copy of the file linked to, as
the following illustrates (on Windows Vista):

   14:57:11 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
   /cygdrive/d/Downloads/link_test $cp /usr/bin/zoo.exe zoo.exe

   14:57:37 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
   /cygdrive/d/Downloads/link_test $link zoo.exe zoo_link

   14:57:54 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
   /cygdrive/d/Downloads/link_test $ls -l
   total 128
   -rwxr-xr-x+ 2 Paul Bibbings None 65024 Apr 12 14:57 zoo.exe
   -rwxr-xr-x+ 2 Paul Bibbings None 65024 Apr 12 14:57 zoo_link.exe

   14:58:04 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
   /cygdrive/d/Downloads/link_test $rm zoo.exe

   14:58:50 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
   /cygdrive/d/Downloads/link_test $./zoo_link
   zoo 2.1 $Date: 91/07/09 02:10:34 $

   Usage: zoo {acDeglLPTuUvx}[aAcCdEfInmMNoOpPqu1:/.@n] archive file
   ("zoo h" for help, "zoo H" for extended help)

   Novice usage:  zoo -cmd archive[.zoo] file...  where -cmd is one of
   -add -extract -move -test -print -delete -list -update -freshen


   15:02:15 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
   /cygdrive/d/Downloads/link_test $cygcheck -c coreutils
   Cygwin Package Information
   Package              Version        Status
   coreutils            8.4-2          OK

   15:09:26 Paul Bibbings@JIJOU
   /cygdrive/d/Downloads/link_test $cygcheck -c cygwin
   Cygwin Package Information
   Package              Version        Status
   cygwin               1.7.4-1        OK

Can I ask first of all: does link itself use ln and should I be testing


Paul Bibbings

[Note: cygcheck not added pending confirmation/otherwise as a problem
with link itself]

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