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Re: Running old cygwin.dll under Windows 7

> On 4/15/2010 5:56 PM, Hussein Patwa wrote:
> If reported problems before the release of 1.7 were any indications,
> you'll
> find running 1.5 on Windows 7 a sub-par experience.  I myself haven't been
> interested in trying it.

Even if the experience is sub par, I just need the program I'm using to be
able to use the old cygwin dlls.  It's a self-contained application but
has old cygwin dll dependences.

>> However, I tried running the legacy setup but Cygwin will not start,
>> with
>> the Windows 7 Subsystem for Unix complaining of invalid applications and
>> .pif files.
> Can you explain this sentence?  No matter how many times I read it, I
> can't
> make sense of all the content together.

As for my other statement, what I meant was that I run the legacy setup
and it completes OK.  Then I run the old cygwin and I receve an error that
the Subsystem for Unix applications found an invalid application, and I
should check my PIF file.  I don't understand that error myself.

If anyone knows how I can get this working I'd be really grateful.  I
don't have access to a virtual machine or another system running an older
OS to try installing the old cygwin there.


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