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Re: Running old cygwin.dll under Windows 7

On 4/15/2010 6:26 PM, Hussein Patwa wrote:
On 4/15/2010 5:56 PM, Hussein Patwa wrote:

If reported problems before the release of 1.7 were any indications,
find running 1.5 on Windows 7 a sub-par experience.  I myself haven't been
interested in trying it.

Even if the experience is sub par, I just need the program I'm using to be able to use the old cygwin dlls. It's a self-contained application but has old cygwin dll dependences.

What are those dependencies? Have you tried it with the current cygwin1.dll?

However, I tried running the legacy setup but Cygwin will not start,
the Windows 7 Subsystem for Unix complaining of invalid applications and
.pif files.

Can you explain this sentence? No matter how many times I read it, I can't make sense of all the content together.

As for my other statement, what I meant was that I run the legacy setup and it completes OK. Then I run the old cygwin and I receve an error that the Subsystem for Unix applications found an invalid application, and I should check my PIF file. I don't understand that error myself.

That sounds like a complaint from MS's SFU. Are you sure you're not running that by mistake?

If anyone knows how I can get this working I'd be really grateful.  I
don't have access to a virtual machine or another system running an older
OS to try installing the old cygwin there.

The Cygwin 1.5 series is obsolete and no longer supported. But you can certainly look in the email archives for discussions of it and Windows 7 to see if anything there matches your experience or is otherwise helpful.

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