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Re: bash/readline spinout in vi command mode

Changed the subject to protect the innocent...

Andy Koppe wrote:
> Jeremy Bopp wrote:
>> On 4/17/2010 3:31 PM, ERIC HO wrote:
>>> I  just tested it under xterm and bash loops as well with shift F12.
>> I just reproduced this problem with a simpler test case.  Enter vi
>> editing mode under bash and then type ESC-;.  That is, press the escape
>> key and then hit the semicolon key.  I'm not sure why offhand, but the
>> semicolon while in vi-movement-mode causes bash to spin out.
> When you say spin out, do you mean it's fully loading a core? That
> would obviously be a bug, but I don't see that. For me, both with
> ESC-; and Shift-F12 it's just sitting there waiting for more input,
> which to me looks like normal operation because I do know that the
> escape character at the start of both of those takes vi into command
> mode and I've got no idea what either ';' or '[24;2~' might mean in
> command mode. In both cases, pressing Enter a couple of time produces
> a new prompt.

Yes, it fully loads a core.  What's strange is that if I hit ESC-F
before the first time I hit ESC-; in a new shell session the problem is
avoided.  From what I read at, the
key binding for both F and ; in command mode should be vi-char-search,
so I'm not sure what the difference is between the two bindings.

I get the same behavior under a Windows terminal running bash as well.
I repeated all the tests both with and without my .inputrc file, minimal
as it is, and got the same results every time.

On a whim I also tried this in irb, which is the only other program I
frequently use which I know uses libreadline, but I could not reproduce
the problem.

If there is any other information I can provide, let me know what it is.
 My system is a fairly vanilla XP installation which I updated to the
latest packages earlier today.


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