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Re: can get 'net use' to give remote share a drive letter when logged in directly but not from ssh session

> I'm not sure if this is relevant, but as a domain account user logged directly
> onto 'xxx' I have Administrative privileges, whereas when I use ssh to connect
> to 'xxx' I can access the same resources, but I'm not sure what my privilege
> level is. I know that I am somehow going through the 'sshd_server' local user
> account on the server, which only has User-level privileges.

I missed the point on the domain user privilege issue.
There is some info out there in the cygwin faq (item 4.41).

that talks about setting up the sshd_server as a domain
account with the right privileges.  Perhaps that might
help.  The key thing with that is ensuring that the the
right privileges are set up for the domain account that
the sshd service logs in as. 

No guarantees that this will fix your issue, but this
at least seems more in the area than my last comment...



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