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Re: Resizing a terminal window

Andy Koppe <> writes:

> J. David Boyd wrote:
>> I'm using Cygwin to provide my own X server, and using Xterms locally,
>> and to connect to remote servers.
>> Locally, I can use the mouse to resize a window, and the $COLUMNS and
>> $LINES variables are automatically filled in.
>> On many remote xterm sessions, they aren't.
>> Does anyone have any idea where to start figuring out what is wrong, and
>> what I can do to correct it?
>> My quick work-around is to resize the window, then call "eval `resize`",
>> but I would like it to be automatic.
> Any particular reason to think that this is an issue with Cygwin
> rather than your remote systems?
> Resizing is working fine here when connected to a Debian box either
> via ssh or telnet running in a local xterm. If you're running xterm on
> the remote system with only its display forwarded to your Cygwin/X
> server, then Cygwin doesn't have anything to do with the terminal
> resize notifications.
> Andy

I don't think it is a Cygwin issue at all.  And, I'm certain it is a
remote server problem, as it works on many boxes.  I re-discovered the
shopt parameter of checkwinsize, which is what controls Bash monitoring
the window size from my prior message.   

I was just looking for some help and ideas, and the Cygwin list seemed a
good place to start since I use Cygwin.   But I never meant to cast
disparagements on Cygwin, it is a great piece of software...


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