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Re: linux->cygwin cross build environment

On 8/27/2010 11:18 AM, Charles Wilson wrote:
> But...this one works.  I'll try again, with some of the other options
> and maybe sysroot support, but not until next week.
> I've attached my *working* recipe, based on Corinna's instructions. It
> also includes the recipe for then building cygwin itself, and packaging
> the results for installation on win32.

The attached is a second recipe; this one builds a linux->cygwin
gcc-4.5.0 compiler with sysroot support, as well as enabling libgomp.
It differs from the "native" cygwin 4.5.0 compiler in the following ways
(other than the obvious, of course):
   graphite is not enabled
   lto is not enabled

To use this recipe, I recommend (a) modifying the various settings at
the top as needed (b) cut and paste small sections (10 lines or so) into
a terminal -- rather than attempting the "run" the recipe as a script.
It's not that polished.

Using the cross-compiler generated using this recipe, the "sysroot"
support in libtool-2.2.11a passes its own tests (the cross-compiler
built using the previous recipe, because it had no sysroot support,
caused those tests to be skipped).

I was able to rebuild cygwin itself using this compiler with no issues
(except those related to -Werror; there are a number of files in cygwin
that cause alias warnings).


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